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First things first....YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Couples come in many shapes and sizes....and almost all experience bumpy roads along the way.


Whether your relationship is struggling from infidelity, financial problems, high levels of conflict, parenting issues, dealing with a challenging teen, extended family, transition, stress, poor communication, lack of physical intimacy, growing apart etc., COUPLES COUNSELING CAN BE AN EFFECTIVE TOOL!


According to research, most couples couples have been UNHAPPY OR STRUGGLING FOR 6 YEARS prior to seeking marriage or couples counseling. The longer you wait the more negative experiences you will have with each other...likely leading to increased conflict, emotional or physical distance and unhappiness.


The GOOD NEWS is you are reading this and already took a step toward finding some relief!


Believe it or not, research shows that couples therapy can be very effective in strengthening the relationship and repairing ruptures (when certain key factors are present):​

  • Skill & Training of the Couples Counselor: MFT's are specifically trained to focus on Marriage & Family Therapy, with the primary focus on relationship issues.

  • Willingness vs Willfulness: Open to therapy and willing to focus on what YOU can do to improve the situation for BOTH YOU & YOUR PARTNER vs digging in your heals and refusing to budge from your individual perspective.

  • Empathy & Compassion: Able to put yourself in your partner's shoes to better understand their experience; while showing love, kindness and concern for your partner (you can show empathy and compassion even if you disagree with your partner's actions or their choices are painful for you)

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