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Lisa Conn Akoni, MA, MFT

Marriage & Family Therapist

Text Me To Schedule Free Consultation (805) 714-4055 


  • Individual Counseling & Teen Therapy--$175 per therapeutic hour

  • (50 min sessions-prorated accordingly for longer sessions)

  • Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling--$200 per therapeutic hour

  • (50 min sessions-prorated accordingly for longer sessions

  • Family Therapy-$200 per therapeutic hour

  • 50 min sessions-prorated accordingly for longer sessions)

* Initial Session will require 1.5 - 2 hrs for first session & will be prorated accordingly

*I do not accept sliding scale at this time

*I do not accept insurance (see below)


  • $150 per hour for Individual Supervision

  • $200 per hour for Triadic Supervision (2 clinicians +1 supervisor

  • $275 per 2 hour Group Supervision (3-4 clinicians +1 supervisor)


  • $100 per hour for Entry-Level Consulting

  • $125 per hour for Mid-Level Consulting

  • $175 per hour Executive-Level Consulting(including but not limited to the following:

    • Research & Program Development, and/or Training & Education Projects

  • Identify Goals & Objectives

  • Conduct relevant research

  • Evaluate current needs/gaps, data, programs, resources, grant requirements/opportunities etc.

  • Research and provide best & promising practice program & support recommendations

  • Create key performance & satisfaction domains for programs, resources, staff & youth & provide outcomes

  • Create streamlined, relevant and easy to use clinical, demographic & data tracking tools (“Smart Tools”)

  • Track intervention/program/resource effectiveness through fidelity tracking and outcome measures

  • Develop Curriculum & Clinical Supervision for Mental Health Professionals working with TRAUMA EXPOSED, "at risk", "at promise" or Commercially Sexually Exploited & Trafficked populations (i.e. TAY [Transition Aged Youth], CSEY [Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth], CSEC [Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children)

  • Special Project OR Executive Speaking Engagement

  • Training (10 people & Under)

TRAINING & EDUCATION-(if over 10 people email to discuss needs & fees)


In your search for a therapist in Santa Barbara, you've probably realized the majority of specialty mental health professionals do not take insurance.

Here are the main reasons why I do not take insurance:
  • Lack of Confidentiality: Insurance companies require specific information on your mental health. A therapist who takes insurance is required to provide your diagnosis and treatment notes to your insurance company. This breach in confidentiality is one of the reasons I do not accept insurance.​

  • Lack of Insurance Coverage: Even if you don't mind your private information being shared with your insurance company, this could have unintended consequences in the future. Insurance companies require specific mental health diagnoses in order to cover your sessions. What happens if you don't have a mental illness and you're just seeking personal growth, relationship improvement, dealing with a difficult transition or need help with conflict resolution like the majority of people seeking therapy? Well, your insurance company doesn't see that as a valid reasons for them to cover the costs. If you don’t have an actual eligible diagnosis, they won't pay for your sessions.

  • Limited Choice of Treatment: When insurance pays for your sessions they require your therapist to use only use the treatment methods covered by your plan. This limits the frequency, types of therapy and individuals allowed in your session.

  • Limited Choice of Quality Specialists: I want to start by saying that there are some quality mental health "specialists" that do take insurance. However, most do not due to the labor & time intensive efforts a therapist has to spend trying to obtain approval and fighting with insurance companies to get paid...not to mention the low fee reimbursement making it difficult to make a living as a therapist in Santa Barbara. I am even more obligated to provide excellent service in order to develop a strong reputation as an effective Santa Barbara Therapist because I don't have big insurance companies promoting me and rely almost solely on word of mouth referrals.

Creative Counseling & Consulting

Lisa Conn Akoni, MA, MFT

Santa Barbara Marriage & Family Therapist

Clinical Program Developer, Consultant,

Trainer & Supervisor

(805) 714-4055


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