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What if I fall? Oh but my darling... what if you fly?

Whether you are seeking Couples Therapy, Teen Counseling, experiencing Relationship Problems or looking for a therapist in Santa Barbara for yourself:


 Lisa Conn Akoni-Couples Counseling-Santa Barbara Therapist
  • "What if I'm wrong?"

  • "What if I fail?"

  • "What if I'm not good enough?"

  • "What if I'm rejected?"

  • "What if I'm abandoned?"

It can be paralyzing...that fear that keeps you stuck...that stops you from trying something different...

All those "what ifs" gone unanswered, all those dreams never attempted, all those places never traveled, all those passions never realized, all those adventures never experienced, all that talent never discovered, all those people who never got meet you...the unveiled


I have experienced those fears and have felt paralyzed at times by uncertainty and lack of belief in my resiliency. It took me taking that first LEAP OF FAITH to try something different....and with help from my therapist, some wonderful people, lots of practice, and a little courage, I felt myself shifting...shifting in ways I never thought possible.


That first step started my journey toward creating the life I wanted...a profession that enriches me, relationships that nurture and challenge me to grow, trust in myself to guide me and remind me..."I CAN do this", resiliency to help me get back up when I stumble, but most importantly...that first leap allowed me to find that deep unconditional love, not just with others but most importantly for myself!

"Why Now?"... I say "Why Not Now?" Lets take that first step together toward the life you want to create!

It is with immense gratitude, determination, courage, humility and humor, that I take my leaps, continue my journey and dust myself off when I fall along the way!

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