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Hi, I'm Lisa Conn-Akoni
Creative Counseling & Consulting


Marriage & Family Therapist
Consultant & Trainer, Program Developer, & Clinical Supervisor
Santa Barbara California

Innovative solutions...positive results!

Learn More About Me

Lisa Conn, Marriage & Family Therapist | Santa Barbara Co & Online Counseling

As a THERAPIST, I specialize in Virtual/Telehealth:

  • Couples Therapy

  • Pre-Marriage Counseling

  • Infidelity

  • Relationship Issues

  • Divorce/Separation

  • Family Therapy

  • Teens & Adolescents

  • Individual Growth

  • DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)

  • Trauma

  • Clinical Supervision for Interns

  • Call Creative Counseling today for a free consultation!

Therapy: Change your mind, change your life!

As a CONSULTANT, I specialize in:

  • Clinical Program Development

  • Training & Education

  • Clinical Case & Program Consultation

  • Clinical Consultation and/or Supervision for Licensed Psychology & Social Work Professionals

  • Forensic Consultation & Expert Witness Testimony

  • Grants

  • Research & Data

  • Call Creative Counseling today for a free consultation!

Creative Counseling provides many different paths to wellness & healing

In a nutshell,

I am compassionate, open-minded, straightforward & genuine. My sense of humor and often nonconformist approach to life

lends to a unique and

effective therapeutic approach.


While I may not be for everyone…when our styles fit well together,

outcomes can be quite amazing!






Call Creative Counseling today for a free consultation!


Even Better to Ask Yourself: 



"Nothing changes...if nothing changes"


There is just no way around it...

if you want to improve your life, you must have the


Take that first step now...


Create the life you want...

Call Creative Counseling today for a free consultation!



Creative Counseling & Therapy Services

Couples Therapy


Marriage Counseling

Romantic relationships are wonderful when you're feeling conncected & valued by your partner.


However, when there is 

Distance, Lack of Trust, Resentment, Anger, 

Unresolved Conflict, Infidelity or Addiction, 

relationships can be very painful.


Fortunately, Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy can help, even if both parties don't attend or wish to participate.

Creative Counseling offers Online Therapy & Virtual Counseling!


Studies show the earlier you start couples therapy, the better chance you have of improving your relationship!

Family Therapy

Families come in many shapes and sizes…and can be a wonderful source of support, stability & love.  However,


and painful experiences. 

Family Therapy can address a variety of concerns, including: Parenting, Co-Parenting, Divorce, Separation, Re-Marriage, Extended & Step Families, Conflict Between Family Members, Grief & Loss, & Teen Behavior Issues. 


It's important to know, when one member is struggling…the whole family is impacted. 

Family Therapy can help & may even make you stronger or bring you closer together!


Creative Counseling offers Online Therapy & Virtual Counseling!

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy focuses on exploring & developing a better understanding of your:

  • Thoughts

  • Feelings

  • Reactions

  • Relationships

  • Goals

  • Strengths & Needs


You will be able to discover what motivates you as well as identifying patterns that may be holding you back.


Although change can be difficult, growth requires taking risks...why not take a risk on yourself and see what you can create in your life?


If nothing changes.....nothing changes!

Online Therapy & Virtual Counseling available!

Online Counseling, Video


Virtual Therapy

In a 21st-century digital world, virtual therapy is becoming the "new normal" when it comes to counseling. The great thing about online therapy is that it allows for more flexible and in the moment scheduling options. If you are a visual learner you can schedule a video session or if you are more of an auditory learner you can schedule a phone session. Virtual therapy is an effective alternative mode of counseling.

I provide online therapy for Couples Counseling, Individual Therapy, & Family Therapy


If interested or curious, why not give it a never may be a great fit for you!

Media, Program Development
Research & Training

Counseling - Consulting - Santa Barbara Counseling - Santa Barbara Consulting - Creative Counseling and Consulting - Lisa Conn Akoni Marriage and Family Therapist - Clinical Supervisor, Telemedicine - Teen Therapy - Youth Program Development - Runaway and Homeless Youth - Youth Shelters - Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth Training - CSEC - Sexual Exploitation Program Development - Sexual Exploitation Training - Human Trafficking Training - Sex Trafficking Training - Santa Barbara Couples Therapist

Lisa Conn Akoni, MA, MFT

Creative Counseling & Consulting

Marriage & Family Therapist,

Clinical Program Developer & Consultant,

Trainer & Supervisor

(805) 714-4055

Santa Barbara CA

Media, Articles & Interviews

Research, Development & Trainings

Lisa Conn, Santa Barbara Counseling & Training

Programs, Projects & Grants

Lisa Conn, Santa Barbara Therapist, created the RISE Project to address sexual exploitation of children in Santa Barbara Co
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